Buenos Aires

I was born in Buenos Aires and came to this country as a little girl. I would love to give you a glimpse into a very sexy, couture influenced city that most Americans never see.
This complex, energetic, and seductive port city, which stretches south-to-north along the Rio de la Plata, has been the gateway to Argentina for centuries.

It has been called the “Paris of South America”. Many of the buildings date from the turn of the century and are indeed reminiscent of Paris: curved corners, ornate decoration, shuttered windows and balconies with wrought iron railings. Buenos Aires also boasts wide boulevards, wonderful caf√©s and restaurants, art galleries and some very upscale neighborhoods.
Nowadays Buenos Aires is one of the biggest cities in the world that keeps attracting a legion of tourists looking for a touch of class.

Here are some short but impressive background facts

Without a doubt, Las Le√Īas is Argentina‚Äôs most famous ski resort among North American visitors. This fully developed resort is remotely located, but features a full-service village at the base. Thirteen lifts keep skiers moving without lining up. The infamous Marte chair takes expert skiers into some of the best lift accessed terrain anywhere.

The offer of museums and art galleries is truly extensive and impressive. A must-see is the new Malba (Museum of Latin American Art) and the museum of Eva Perón.
One of the world’s finest opera houses, the Teatro Colon, flourishes here on the plains alongside the river.
The national dance, the tango, is perhaps the best expression of their spirit, practiced in dance halls, parks, open plazas, and ballrooms, it is a dance of intimate separation and common rhythm, combining both an elegant reserve and an exuberant passion

Today the country has a literacy rate of 97%, and three in eight adults over age 20 have completed secondary school studies or higher. Argentina scores extremely high up in global ranks.

Argentines have been responsible for major breakthroughs in world medicine; their research has led to significant advances in wound-healing therapies and in the treatment of heart disease and several forms of cancer. Domingo Liotta designed and developed the first artificial heart successfully implanted in a human being in 1969.

Football (Association football) is the most popular sport in Argentina, whose national team was twice FIFA World Cup Champion and Olympic Gold medalist, as well as Copa América winners fourteen times.
With that being said, here are some wonderful photos.

The Opera House

The city at night

The College of Law

The President’s office building

The major belt-way that surrounds the city

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