Is it really off the Wall?

In the late 80’s and through out most of the nineties we went wild with Faux Finishing.

Often perceived as simply using a sponge, a rolled-up rag, wadded plastic wrap or crumpled newspaper with a paint and glaze, everyone was giving it a try.

I have been informed that those days are long gone.

My dear friend, Michele Watts, owner of Fine Art Finishes, kindly explained to me that the term Faux finishing is so passé . It is now called Decorative Painting, a much more sophisticated and complex process which requires years of training and certification.

It is not just limited to walls but now it involves floors, ceilings, moldings, furniture, kitchen cabinets, mirrors and much more.

Soooo…I did my research and I present to you the fascinating world of Decorative Painting, where there is no limit to what can be done. Click on each photo to enlarge….I promise…it is worth it!

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