Goth Design…really????

Do you like to walk on the dark side? Do you have a taste for the mystical and the dramatic? If so, Goth Design could be the look for you. After seeing “Interview with a Vampire” my perplexing fascination began. I acquired a love for actually anything romantic that dealt with the middle ages, these softly macarbe elements intrigued me so.

In creating a Goth Interior Design Style, you might feel as though you are being transported back to an age of mystery without ever really leaving the twenty-first century.

 Although Gothic architecture has its roots in the grand religious structures of Europe, it can also be seen in universities, castles and private residences but now we designers add a theatrical twist not seen before.This edgy style is  intended to startle and  boldly flaunt old wealth.

So, go on… vamp it up, go back to black, and enjoy living your life on the dark side, for a little while, in these photos.

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