Interior Designer Grace Jones was constantly being asked by clients “Where can someone go in Cincinnati to find incredible things for your home?” There seemed to be a void of precisely elegant, but unexpected treasures.

“We need to¬†be this chic little showroom that indulges that snobby little tastebud we all secretly have,” she pleaded. Armed with that mandate, she started Dwellings on Madison,¬†a Shoppe inspired by a range of styles from Ancient Regime to Parisian Modern. Amidst sketches of chairs, fabric swatches, decorative painting boards, old¬†reclaimed oak floors, catalogues, Dwellings on Madison tells many stories ‚Äď and helps create new ones. For example, there is the story of the amazing salvaged fireplace that Nancy found in an old barn, that now claims its place with Rookwood tiles in the front room at the Dwellings on Madison showroom.

It is quite the surprise when you walk into Dwellings. There are hand-painted fabric walls in Graphite and Amber¬†damask ‚Ästand almost endless choices in unique lamps,¬†over-scaled mirrors,¬†original art,¬†florals and jewel-like chandeliers.

The discerning eye of the buyers is evident in the appreciation of the unusual textures and patterns mixed with strong silhouettes in sofas and chairs. Each of the five rooms has its own personality and was even named for its particular interior look.

This is truly one of the finest collections of home accessories in town.

We invite our guests to explore, shop, acquire¬†and get inspired … and then relax in our design lounge with a cappuccino and our really cool designers.