The first time I ever called out for design help, I called Grace Jones. She had ‘done’ the beautiful home of a friend of mine. While I consider myself somewhat versed in color, textures, and balance … it was clear to me that Grace had something special.

The more I worked with her, the more I realized how remiss I was not to have called her much sooner! She is an expert in her field; a paragon of her craft. She was always respectful of my budget, sagely advising me when to splurge on a fabulous piece and what we could “just pick up at Target.‚ÄĚ I am continuously inspired by her – her infectious passion, attention to the ‚Äėmost minute‚Äô detail, her vision, and the ability to listen and translate my vision. I can’t imagine pursuing a design project without her.

Lisa Schuster

Grace Jones is not just an Interior Designer, she is  a true professional  in every sense of the word. It seems as though she works her magic effortlessly and intuitively with results of sheer perfection each and every time.

Working with Grace is not only fun, but the best experience you could ever hope to encounter. It’s truly a dream¬†just being in her presence and watching her as the ideas just float into her mind.

She pays close attention to every little detail, without missing a beat, as well as to each and every single personality that she works with. In other words, no two homes that she designs ever look alike.

Her sense of style and good taste are stellar, and yet when she’s finished,¬†it looks as if you were the only person in the world, with your own¬†tastes and style, as well as your wants and needs,¬†that are¬†shining through.

Bottom line is, when Grace Jones finishes with a home, it looks fabulous, and you are proud and pleased that you are the one living in this wonderful environment that she has helped you to create.¬†¬†She doesn’t just¬†stay with one or two styles, she’s like a chameleon and can design every style. Your Style.

Penny and Ron Seeskind
Homes in Palm Beach, Florida and Montgomery, (Cincinnati) Ohio

I received Julie‚Äôs name as a referral from a friend whom had worked with Julie, and was very happy with her results. I have also really enjoyed working with Julie on some projects for my home.¬† After our initial consultation to discuss the things I wanted to work on, she returned for a second meeting to present her ideas and samples based on what we had discussed.¬† I really felt she had “read my style” perfectly.¬† Recently some of the things that I ordered were delivered and installed.¬† I love how everything looks in my home and am excited to continue working with Julie on some more projects in the future.

The Guzman Family, Lawrenceburg, Indiana

I met Grace several years ago and immediately knew she was the designer I wanted to help me re-do some tired old rooms. She took my ideas for my rooms and helped me bring them to life with spectacular results. My rooms are so fresh and inviting now that my family actually fights over who gets to escape to them for peace and solitude. Our friends absolutely fall in love with our new rooms when they walk in the door. Grace will always be a part of my family because I think of her when I am in my rooms!!

Client, Indian Hill, Ohio

June 11, 2012 e-mail received regarding project updates:. “Julie – the paint looks fabulous! I feel like my house¬†is right out of Restoration Hardware. Tomorrow¬†the second coat and the kitchen. Can’t wait. Just¬†like Christmas. The nomadic desert on the great room ceiling is wonderful. Thank you so much.¬†I’m thrilled with what they’ve done so far. Just¬†imagine tomorrow!”

Mrs. Palmer, Cincinnati, Ohio

My furniture arrived this morning, and I couldn’t wait to tell you how beautiful it is! My first response is to send it back as it is too good for me; but I think I’ll keep it after all. Thank you for all your help and your exquisite taste. You were right about everything. I was delighted to hear about your new place (Dwellings on Madison), and I certainly plan to drop by one day. I’m sure you’ll be a tremendous success.

All the best.

Kathryn Gutzwiller, Cincinnati, Ohio

I have greatly appreciated Julie’s guidance in decorating our house in Terrace Park. She has come up with wonderful ideas that incorporates the style of our house and accommodates our three young children and our budget. This is no easy task. All the while, she listens to our ideas and concepts. Plus, she is warm and friendly and a pleasure to spend time with. I would quickly and confidently recommend her to a friend.

The Laite Family, Terrace Park, Ohio